LEAP TUTORING ACADEMY + Homeschool Connections


Homeschool Connections NYC is an innovative program designed to support kids who are creative thinkers, and who demonstrate excellence beyond the limitations of school. The founder of the program, Maria Casale, is an exceptionally accomplished educator, Orton-Gillingham Certified Specialist, Nationally Board Certified Teacher, and former administrator for the New York City Public School System. This year, in light of COVID-19 we are offering a 3 day per week program where children will be immersed in small group blended learning pods designed to enhance their academic potential. An academic screening is provided in order to determine your child’s individual needs so as to build fundamental success with reading, writing and mathematics. We work to develop core reading skills: inclusive of spelling, reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, writing, mathematical thinking, problem solving, study skills as well as organizational skills and motivational strategies.

Fall Semester Meeting Calendar

Program Highlights

English Language Arts:

  • Phonics / Spelling (Orton-Gillingham)
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Language Development
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Grammar
  • Typing Skills
  • NYS – Standards Based Instruction


  • Multi-Sensory Math Development
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Mathematical Skill Development
  • Mathematical Vocabulary Development
  • Solving Word Problems
  • Real World Mathematics Application
  • NYS – Standards Based Instruction

Organizational Skills:

  • Reasoning Skills
  • Study Skills
  • Listening Skills
  • Visual Tracking Skills

Other Features & Program Extensions:

  • Math & Reading Test Taking Strategies
  • Socratic Seminars
  • Book Clubs
  • Socialized Learning Models
  • Cooperative Learning Groups

Health Measures

  • Highest levels of cleanliness
  • Temperatures taken upon arrival
  • Hand sanitization options (organic) products
  • Reduced student capacity
  • Frequent sanitization of high touch areas such as: student desks, doorknobs, and chairs
  • Masks and face shields worn in ALL shared spaces
  • Current HVAC system
  • Air purification system in place
  • (Dotera) essential oils
  • Student and staff access to frequent hand washing products throughout the entire facility
  • Use of outdoor area (weather permitting)

Fall Semester Fees & Deadlines