FUSION PROGRAMS + Early Childhood

We have a wonderful opportunity for you and your little one, ages 2-4 years old. Join us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00 am-12:00 noon. Activities range from playtime and imagination activities in our sensory-inspired gym to our play café to art classes, cooking classes, music time, tumble time play, and science explorations!

You can stay and play alongside your child, or your child can stay and play with us. Your child will meet other children and enjoy the many benefits of hands-on play and imagination activities. Each month we offer special opportunities for theme-based play.

Take a look at our monthly offerings for November/December.

Whether pretending to be a monkey or a cat or just enjoying carving pumpkins, autumn activities will get your little one excited about jumping into fall.

• Finger Puppet Spiders
• Spider Handprint Crafts
• Potato Stamping Pumpkins
• Puffy Paint Pumpkin Crafts
• Friendly Monster Watercolor Blow Art
• Cardboard Tube Monsters
• Monster Slime
• Popsicle Stick Candy Corn Crafts
• Learn all about fractions/ Pumpkin & Apple Pie Cut-Outs
• Go “batty” with Number & Letter Tracing
• Play Shape Games with Leaves & Sticks
• Pumpkin Phonics/Alphabet Puzzles
• Autumn Baking/Gluten-Free Leaf Cookies
• Costume Party/Pretend Play
• Acting/Singing Classes