About Leap Tutoring

Dedication to building a strong foundation while making strides to fluency

Our method of instruction targets reading spelling and comprehension in ways that help overcome deficits. With a proven one-on-one approach we customize each lesson to what your child needs. We keep each lesson fun and engaging, so your child wants to do their very best, each and every time we meet. We are focused on making each minute of our multi-sensory sessions productive, focused and enjoyable leading to a true sense of accomplishment.

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Skilled and Flexible

Our Expertise, Your Schedule.

With many of our students engaged in multiple after school activities, we understand that it is important to provide services where they are needed. This is why we offer several options regarding our tutoring services at school or at our UWS learning center.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Helping students build strong, fluent reading skills.

Over my 20 years of experience I've worked with students of every reading ability. Through an in-depth evaluation I measure students reading spelling and comprehension levels, this information is used as a guideline for instruction. Each step of the way parents are engaged, seeing videos of their children learning in session, seeing breakthroughs they never thought possible and watching their child's confidence grow as they see them achieving our shared goals. Systematic, structured language instruction is essential to help students with language-based learning difficulties, and we know how to do it.

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About Maria Casale

A Skilled and Caring
Board Certified Dyslexia Practitioner

Mother of three girls and residing in the New York area! Manhattan based practice with locations on the Upper West Side, the Hamptons and two Staten Island centers. Founder of Leap Tutoring Academy, a center dedicated to the development of the divergent thinkers.

“When we first met with Maria, I knew that she would be able to help my child. In just eight months from the time we got started, she helped boost my child’s confidence and taught her in a skilled and successful manner. I love receiving videos and photos of my child’s learning from such a dedicated professional.”

EliseLeap Tutoring Parent, 3rd Grade Student

“Loving, trusting and skilled professional”

TaylorLeap Tutoring Parent, 2nd Grade Student

“My child loves working with Maria, she can’t wait to see her”

GraysonLeap Tutoring Parent, 5th Grade Student

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